Friday, April 28, 2017

Change of Plans

This morning it was one orange stocking and a blue flat, one purple stocking and a pink flat, mint green nylon panties, purple stuffed cotton bra, open bottom girdle with garters attached to my stockings, ugly boy slacks, purple nylon T-shirt, colorful earrings, red lipstick, and my little pink purse. I went out for breakfast and thought that I would have to do a photo shoot but that was called off at the last minute and postponed until Sunday. Stay tuned!

                           Sissy Alice

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Just Panties

Hi Girls:

Today I am just wearing panties under my ugly boy clothes. I miss wearing a bra. Rumor is that tomorrow will be another photo shoot. I hope that I am not too embarrassed!

                      Sissy Alice

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Same old stuff

Hi Girls

This morning it was breakfast again on the way to work dressed as follows:

One orange stocking, one purple stocking, blue panties, pink bra, pink panty girdle, white open bottom girdle with garters connected to my stockings, 2 inch heels, white earrings, red lipstick, ugly boy slacks, blue silk blouse, and of course I carried my little pink purse. After breakfast it was off to work. When I get to work I have to remember to change shoes, change into a boy shirt, and remove my lipstick and earrings.


                      Sissy Alice

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hi Girls:

Today I am wearing pink shoes, boy socks, pink panties, pink bra, boy slacks, pink blouse, white earrings, and bright red lipstick. I will be carrying my little pink purse. I will be going out for breakfast and the driving to work. Before I go into work I will remove my lipstick and earrings and then change into boy shoes and a boy shirt.


               Sissy Alice

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week End Update

Hi Girls:

Friday I had to wear panties and a bra under my ugly boy clothes. I then had to go to McDomald's for breakfast wearing three pair of panties around my neck, wearing white earrings, carrying my little pink purse, and wearing bright red lipstick. One pair of panties was bright yellow, one was purple, and one was baby blue. When ordering, I had to tell the clerk that it was panty day. I had to stay like this while eating and driving to work.

Saturday was just a panty and bra day.

Sunday I was given a pink kaftan and told to wear it and my large bra with breast forms out for breakfast and the walk around the mall. I wore pink panties, blue stockings, pink flats, the bra with forms, the kaftan, white earrings, red lipstick and carried my little pink purse. I got lots of looks. How humiliating!

Today it is just panties and a bra. I was told that another photo shoot will be coming sometime this week.

                       Sissy Alice

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sissy BabyDay

This morning I was dressed in 6 diapers, blue plastic pants, a pink night shirt that has "SISSY BABY" printed on both the front and back in big black letters, pink & white knee socks, and pink flats. I had to wear a pacifier and a baby rattle around my neck on pink ribbons. Then I was sent to the mall and told to walk around for one hour. I thought there was going to be a photo shoot but it was canceled at the last minute. I guess that I will have to dress like a SISSY BABY again at a later date.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Colorful Legs and Feet

Hi Again:

I missed a picture of my colorful legs and feet.

I look so cute.