Thursday, December 8, 2016

I lovve to cross dress and practice being a sissy!!

I love to cross dress. Here is a picture of me waiting to go out for dinner.

At times I go out as a sissy and am humiliated.

At other times I enjoy being trussed up!

Anyone for a swim?

It is almost bed time!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Am Very Excited

I am very excited as I may soon be owned by Master Sam.

He has already ordered me to wear diapers and thigh highs to work  3 days a week.
I will start this tomorrow.

What will come next?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pretty in Pink

Hi Girls:

Today I was "Pretty in Pink"

I dressed in pink nylon panties and a pink size 46G satin bra along with pink Capri pants, a silk pink flowered top, pink knee high socks, and a pink ball cap. I wore pink lipstick, pink earrings, and carried my pink purse. I wore black shoes. I stuffed each bra cup with a cut off nylon stocking that had 2 pounds of white rice in it. This not only gives you big boobs but also gives you the feeling that big busted women have from the weight of their breasts. Wearing this weighted stuffed bra also causes your back mussels to get tired from the added weight and the weighted big boobs get in the way when you try to do simple tasks.

After I was dressed I went McDonald's for breakfast.  I got lots of interesting looks. As I was leaving a women who also was walking out said " You look good in pink" I said "Thank You" and walked to my car.

It was a fun humiliating morning.

I love wearing my weighted bra.

I am looking for comments and more humiliating things to do. Please help me.

                        Pink Curls

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sissy Report 6/27/16

Hi Girls:

I am a SISSY and I love to wear women's clothes, makeup, and carry a cute pink purse when I am in SISSY mode.

This past week I wore nylon panties and a cotton bra in a matching color everyday under my ugly boy clothes.

Today the color is snow white. Sunday it was light brown. Saturday it was mint green. Friday it was light pink. Thursday it was black. Wednesday it was beige. And Tuesday it was dark pink.

Today I gave myself a manicure and then put two coats of clear high shine polish on my fingernails.

                                        Pink Curls

Thursday, June 16, 2016

6/16/16 Panties and Panty Girdle Only

Hi Girls:

Today I am wearing purple nylon panties and a black very tight panty girdle all day under my ugly boy clothes. This morning I also wore a butt plug from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. No bra or stockings today. Just not in the mood! Tomorrow I will be going to MacDonald's for breakfast. I will be dressed in full SISSY mode.

                            PINK CURLS

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


My last pedicure was two weeks ago. I wore black panties, a pink padded bra, bright blue open toed tights, bight yellow short shorts, purple T-shirt, green earrings, red lipstick, and pink flip flops. I drove to the mall, parked and then walked through the mall to the nail salon. I carried a pink purse and my flip flops showed off my pink toes. After my pedicure, my toes were painted robin egg blue.

I felt so girlee as she was working on my toes and I got a lot of looks as I walked through the mall.

                                          Pink Curls

Tuesday 6/14,2016

Today I am wearing size 10 white nylon panties with blue flowers and white lace around the legs. I am also wearing a blue cotton bra, size 40 C.  I fill the cups with my own breast tissue. I wore this lingerie under my boy clothes starting at 7:00 AM and I will be underdressed like this until 11:30 PM.

It isn't too bad to pee when I am only wearing panties. Some times I underdress in this order:

Panty girdle
All in one body shaper
Chemise body shaper
Long line bra
Then my boy clothes.

This means I must almost get completely undressed to pee. On these days it takes me almost 15 minutes to pee and then leave the rest room. Of course  I must use a stall to pee.

I am taking natural supplements to make my breasts grow. I have only been doing this for 3 weeks.

                               Pink Curls

Thanks for your comments.