Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sissy Day

Hi Girls:

This morning I got trussed again. I underdressed in pink nylon panties, 3 bras, 4 girdles, and 2 pair of stockings. The bras were white and 2 pink. The girdles were pink, black, grey, and white.
The white girdle is an open bottom girdle. The first pair of stockings were white followed by a black pair. Today I will be mincing like the sissy that I am.

After securing everything I put on pink Capri pants, a pink flowered blouse, black low heels, my white hat, white earrings, red lipstick, and carried my pink purse. Then it was off to MacDonald's for breakfast.

After breakfast I went to Walmart to do some shopping. I was looking for some fem leggings and two sleeveless blouses. I spent some time in the women's clothing department looking for items on clearance. All of the leggings were a plain solid color but I did find two blouses on sale for $4.00 each. One was white and one was red. I took them to the fitting room area and told the clerk that I had 2 blouses. She looked at me and said do you want to use the men's changing room? That startled me but I answered yes. I went in and took some pictures in the mirror. The pictures are below.

When I came out I told the clerk that I going to take both blouses. Then I went to the area where they had adult diapers. I picked up small pack of pink women's pull ups. Then I went to the check out carrying the pull ups in one hand, the blouses in the other hand and my purse on my arm.

At the check out the woman said is that all you need today mam. I said yes and I hope those pull ups will fit. She said I think they will. I told her that I liked the blouses and she said those are a bargain for $4.00. Then I left the store.

It was interesting that the first clerk was sure that I was a man and the second clerk was sure that I was a woman.
 Sissy as dressed for breakfast and shopping

Sissy with white blouse.

Sissy with red blouse.

I changed my outer clothes to my ugly boy clothes and went to work. I will remain underdressed until 11:00 PM tonight. Looks like I will be mincing around all day today. If I continue to be trussed on a regular basis I will have to buy additional girdles and stockings.

Have a happy sissy day.

                        Sissy Alice

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday - Week Update

Hi Girls:
This sissy has been a little lazy this past week. Tuesday I was al trussed up. Wednesday, Thursday, and today have just been panties and bras days.

After work on Tuesday, I took a one mile walk while I was all trussed up. It was 87 degrees and full sun. It took a while because I had to take small steps because of the tight undergarments. The girdles limited the length of my steps and also caused my legs to be pulled together. The result is that I was mincing like a sissy girl. This was good practice in walking like the sissy girl that I desire to be. When I finished I was really hot and sweaty because of all of the undergarments that I was wearing.

I stayed underdressed until 7:00 PM. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures that I posted.

                   Sissy Alice

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

All Trussed Up!

Hi girls:
I am all trussed up today. My day started at 7:00 AM and it took me 45 minutes to underdress today'

The following photos will explain. I was ordered to underdress as follows:

I started by putting on two pair of nylon stockings and two garter belts attached to the stockings followed by a pair of ankle length black spanx.

Then three pair of pantyhose followed by a knee length black spanx

Then four bras and a white girdle.

Not done yet. Next came a black upper body black spanx followed by a black all in one black spanx

Then a white open bottom girdle and another pair of nylon stockings that were attached to the open bottom girdle garters

This sissy is truly all trussed up!

Then into ugly boy clothes and off to work!

I was barely able to walk and sit with all of those tight undergarments on.

Later today I will be taking a long walk in the hot sun. I will write more later today.

                                Sissy Alice

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hi Girls:

Another easy day. Just underdressed in tight nylon panties and a very tight panty girdle.
Tomorrow may be a very interesting sissy day. Stay tuned.

                          Sissy Alice

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Easy Week End

Hi Girls:

This was an easy week end. I just underdressed in panties and a bra and wore earrings, lipstick, and carried my purse while shopping. More tomorrow.

             Sissy Alice

Friday, August 11, 2017

No Activity Today

Hi Girls:

No Sissy Activity Today!

Have a great SISSY day.

        Sissy Alice

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Shoes Does Sissy Have

Hi Girls:

Did you wonder what kind of shoes this sissy has?
Well they are pictured below!

Pink Flats - Blue Flats -White Sandals - Black Flats
Black 3 Inch Heels - Pink Flip Flops - Black 3 Inch Locking Heels - Pink Low Heels
I look so cute when I wear these women's shoes!
                Sissy Alice