Friday, June 23, 2017

Update & Friday All Trussed Up

Hi Girls:

Yesterday it was just panties, a bra, and black stockings under ugly boy clothes and wearing earrings and lipstick any time I am driving.

Today I put the following items on in the order listed under my ugly boy clothes. All items are black.

1. Panties
2. Panty girdle
3.Thigh high stockings
4. Another panty girdle
5. Knee length spanks
6. Petty pants
7. All in one body shaper
8. Open bottom body shaper
9. Waist high panty girdle
10. Full slip
11. Bra

This combination was designed to be tight and uncomfortable and require me to remove most of my boy clothes and under garments when using the rest room. This requires me to use a stall and it takes almost 20 minutes to undress, use the toilet, and the redress. It is going to be a long uncomfortable day

I must also wear earrings and lipstick when driving and carry a purse when I am out of the car except at work..

Oh what us SISSIES must endure!

                    Sissy Alice

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Update

Hi Girls:

Yesterday it was jus blue nylon panties and a blue cotton bra under my ugly boy clothes. I did have to go to Walmart on the way to work. Of course I had to wear my white earrings, red lipstick, and carry my large pink purse while shopping. Got a real strange look from the check out girl.

Today it is yellow nylon panties, black petty pants, a yellow stuffed cotton bra, and black stockings under my ugly boy clothes. When I went in for breakfast I had to add my white earrings, red lipstick, and carry my large pink purse. I also had to wear pink and gray women's shoes. What fun! Then I drove to work. When I got to work I,  had to remember to remove the stuffing from my bra, my earrings, my lipstick, and change into my boy shoes before going in.

                                       Sissy Alice

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Morning

Hi Girls:

Today is an easy sissy day. Just wearing cotton zebra striped panties and a padded matching bra under my ugly boy clothes.  I just hope that no one notices my padded bra while I am at work today.

                     Sissy Alice

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Saturday & Today

Hi Girls:

Yesterday was a sissy day off.  This morning I dressed in pink. Pink nylon panties, a pink stuffed bra, pink stockings, pink short shorts, and a pink long top that has "ALICE" printed on the front and back in big black letters. I carried my large pink purse and wore red lipstick and white earrings. Then it was off to breakfast. More interesting looks from some and no reaction from most. I was hoping to have some interaction with women customer but nothing happened. Maybe on my next sissy task.

I sure wish that you girls that read this blog would leave me comments and suggestions for humiliating sissy tasks.

                              Sissy Alice

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Update

Hi Girls:

Yesterday it was panties and a bra under my ugly boy clothes along with earrings and lipstick while driving and carrying my large pink purse when I am out of the car (not at work). This may be a regular requirement from now on.

Today is baby day! I am wearing 6 adult diapers and blue plastic pants and a bra under my ugly boy clothes. I also have to wear a pacifier and baby rattle on pink ribbons around my neck and keep the pacifier in my mouth while driving. When out of the car I must carry a diaper bag every where I go.

More to follow.

        Sissy Baby Alice

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Afternoon

Hi Girls:

On the way home from work I was diverted to the Mall where I went into the Mall wearing all boy outer clothes, bright red lipstick, white earrings, and carried a large pink purse. I then walked through the Mall and looked at panties in two stores. When I was leaving the lingerie department in one store, I made direct eye contact with a woman that was walking toward me. As she got close she said "You Look Pretty". I said "Thank You" and kept on walking. What fun!

                                   Sissy Alice

Wednesday is Black Day

Hi Girls:

Today is Black Day. I am wearing black thigh high stockings, black nylon panties, and a black long line bra under my ugly boy clothes today. I will be underdressed like this until 11:00 PM tonight.

Have a happy Sissy Day!

                       Sissy Alice