Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sissy Girl - Days 6 & 7

Hi Girls:

Yesterday I added a pad to my panties so that I would feel more like a girl. I also traded my pink bra for my new long line bra that just came yesterday from Amazon.

This morning I added my high waist open bottom girdle to my underdress attire. I am all trussed up but I feel so girly.

Tomorrow I will be getting a pedicure again at the new place that I found 5 weeks ago. I may get my toes painted with clear polish this time. We will see.

Have a Great Sissy Day!

Poor pathetic needy sissy alice

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sissy Girl - Days 4 & 5

Hi Girls:

Sorry but I was not able to post yesterday. I added a pink chimes to go with my pink panties, pink bra, and pink panty girdle. Today I have added a red and black garter belt. No exciting humiliation yet but this weekend should be interesting.

Poor pathetic needy sissy alice

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sissy Girl - Day 3

Hi Girls:

Another day and another item added to my sissy girl dress code. Today I added a pink panty girdle to my bra and panties. Since these are underdress items there is no visible sign to provide any public humiliation. There could be some issues later in these tasks as outer garments are added.

Poor pathetic needy sissy alice.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sissy Girl - Day 2

Hi Girls:

Yesterday felt so good wearing panties. What I didn't know was that it was day 1 of a sissy girl set of tasks that will take 9 days to complete. Today, day 2, I have added a regular bra to my dress code. I will be adding or replacing one item each day until my sissy girl image is complete. Stay tuned.

Poor pathetic needy sissy alice

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday 1/13/18

Hi Girls:

Well it sure felt good to get out of that sticky messy diaper last night. I stayed in the shower for almost 30 minutes. I am glad that "Baby Week" is over.

After my shower I put on a nice pair of nylon panties. They sure felt better than those diapers that I had been wearing 24/7 for the last 5 days.

We will see what I have to do for next week. What ever it is it will start tomorrow.

Poor pathetic needy sissy alice

Friday, January 12, 2018

Baby Week Day 5 Update

Hi Girls:

I am still wearing my messy diaper. At noon I broke the egg in the front of my diaper. Now I have more of a sticky mess plus egg shells in my diaper. At 6:00 PM I will break the other egg. Then at 11:00 PM I will take a shower and clean up my mess. Oh what us SISSY BABIES must do to humiliate themselves.

I will be taking tomorrow off from activities but Sunday will be the beginning of another week with this Sissy on public display.

Sissy baby alice

Friday 1/12/18 Baby Week Day 5

Hi Girls:

Today is Messy Diaper Day.

I slept in my diaper last night. I wore it all day yesterday and kept it on this morning. I added a second diaper this morning and put on my plastic pants.

I put the rest of my jar of green pea baby food in my diaper. I put 2/3 in the front and 1/3 in the back. Then I put one cup of cereal in the front of my diaper followed by a large amount of sticky syrup. I also put some syrup down the back of my diaper. Then I dropped one egg in the front of my diaper and another egg down the back. Several squirts of chocolate syrup were put in the front of my diaper.

I pulled both diapers and my plastic pants up tight and rubbed the front area to insure that everything was spread around. Then I dressed in my ugly boy clothes and went to work.

I am sitting here at work with the mess in my diapers. If the eggs in my diaper don't break as I move around at work I will break them at noon.

Have a Happy Messy Sissy Diaper Day!!

Baby Alice