Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not much activity today

Not much activity today. Just underdressed in white nylon panties and a white cotton bra. i still have my pretty pink toes and i have two coats of clear polish on my finger nails.

sissy alice

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Tribute to Sir.

It appears that Sir has given up his ownership of this sad, pitiful, misbehaving, sissy who is the lowest form of life on planet earth. That is sad! As a tribute to Sir, I took an assignment that He gave to Sissy Gina.

I spent most of the day straightening the basement. I wore a tight girdle two pair of nylon stockings, panties, a bra and high heels. I also had my wrists tied together with 7" of freedom between them.

I didn't wear any other clothes. The heels made it difficult to walk on the basement floor and my tethered wrists made it difficult to move things around. My tasks took about twice as long to do as they normally would have.

I hope Sir appreciates my dedicated activity.

            Sissy Alice  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday 2/19/17

Today I am a Lady in Black wearing black nylon panties, a black padded bra, black knee high fishnet stockings, boy kaki slacks and topped off with a black lace night shirt for a top. Also wearing black and white earrings, red lipstick, pink flats and carrying my little pink purse. I look so cute!! Now t is off to breakfast at MacDonald's.


                 Sissy Alice

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Today I am wearing yellow panties and a yellow bra. I love my pretty pink toes.

               Sissy Alice

Friday, February 17, 2017

More About Today

This morning I decided to get a pedicure. I wore a pink T-shirt that had "I Love to Wear Bras and Panties" printed on the front and back along with a sketch of a bra and a panty. I wore boy slacks and pink flip flops and carried my pink purse. My toes are now a bright pink. They are so pretty!!

            Sissy Alice

The Day After

Yesterday was some day. I hope that I proved that I was a dedicated Sissy. This morning I got up and couldn't wait to get my sticky panties off and wash out my mouth.

Today I am just wearing panties and a bra. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sissy Alice

Thursday, February 16, 2017

7th and final e-mail

The 7th set of instructions are the worst. I have been ordered to strip naked and then put on panties, a bra, and stockings. I am not allowed to clean up the sticky mess before I put the panties on. I must then put on lipstick. Dressed like this I must  kneel down in front of the toilet an announce that I am a SISSY and then clean the toilet while kneeling and in the sissy attire as described. When finished I must flush the toilet and stick my head as far down in the toilet bowl as I can and kiss the bowl before the water comes back up leaving a lipstick print..

Next I must cum in the paper cup and then pour the cum on the tooth brush. Then I must brush my teeth and not spit or swallow. I am not allowed wash my mouth until tomorrow morning.

I must wear my sticky panties until tomorrow morning. This will complete my SISSY HELL DAY activities.

Until tomorrow.

                    Sissy Alice